Vrijmiboot 2023

Technical support at Vrijmiboot for Blowing Bubbles.

The summer period was made extra special this year thanks to the Vrijmiboot cruises. Luxonos was responsible for the complete technical implementation for all 30 sailings, and what a pleasure it was! We not only provided top quality sound through our AED Audio system, but also contributed to the overall atmosphere with creative bubble effects.

Working with Blowing Bubbles was an absolute highlight. An organization with excellent coordination and vision, which has enabled us to achieve top results together. Whether it was an energetic indoor stage or an attractive outdoor deck, we ensured that every boat trip became a unique and unforgettable experience.


Technical support, audio, special FX


Blowing Bubbles


Zandvoort, Netherlands


ARC roof, Light show, L-acoustic audio system, Power infrastructure

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