VIBE Group Staff party

VIBE group wanted to supplement its staff party with Kinetic lights, astera tubes and specialFX. We were able to provide this. It was a party never to be forgotten.

Many companies recognize that you have times when you have to work and that there are times when you can relax together. Relaxing and connecting is what many of our partners and clients do through an event.

For Vibe Group we were allowed to supplement their event with Kinetic tubes, Asteras and special FX. Kinetic tubes are pixel-controlled tubes that hang from truss in the ceiling with hoists. This means that the tubes can display a fixed color, or certain color patterns. The hoists and the lamps are controlled by means of the light table. The tubes move in color and with the hoists to the beat of the music. To know what this looks like, you can watch the video below.
The special effects in the form of imitation dry ice, CO2 shooters and Sparkulars have not been idle either, it was a party to remember!

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Complement staff party with Kinetics, Asteras and Special effects


VIBE group


Passenger Terminal Amsterdam


30x 2m pixel controlled kinetic tubes

Raoul van 't Hul
Raoul van 't Hul
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