Tikkie Booth ABN AMRO Open

For the ABN AMRO Open tournament, in collaboration with Dutch 7, we transformed the bottle machine into a prize-winning machine. Throw your bottle in the vending machine and win!

During the ABN AMRO Open tennis tournament in Ahoy Rotterdam, it was expected that a lot of plastic waste would be produced. The Tikkie Booth, a luxury bottle dispenser, was installed for this purpose. To make this booth more attractive, Dutch7 has come up with an adjustment for this.

We were asked to add light and sound to the Tikkie booth, so that the public would pay more attention to the vending machine and would be encouraged to throw their bottles in it.

When the alarm went off, they won big prizes!

To meet this demand, we used the Astera NYX lamps and custom LED strips. We used Qlab to synchronize the communication between light and sound. When no one was around the Tikkie booth, the lights flashed slowly and evenly to attract the attention of the audience. But when the win alarm went off, the music kicked in and the lights started blinking faster.

We are happy that we were able to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste during this event. If you are looking for a solution to make your event more sustainable, we are happy to think along with you. Feel free to contact us!


Custom made lighting for a luxury bottle dispenser




Ahoy Rotterdam


Astera NYX bulbs and Custom LED strips that communicate with sound via Qlab.

Raoul van 't Hul
Raoul van 't Hul
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