Red Bull Solo Q 2023

Together with TC productions, we have been able to provide technology for another hybrid e-sports event.

During Red Bull's SoloQ event, the best amateur League of Legends players competed against each other in a 1 vs 1 tournament. The winner can call himself 'best amateur LoL player in the Netherlands' and will be invited to the world finals to win the world title!

In short, this event was; a grand success!

Commissioned by TC Productions, we were allowed to provide the technology in a "fairytale neo-Gothic church" that was the center of the League of Legends gaming tournament in the Netherlands.

Together with TC, we spent many creative hours preparing the show to uniquely illuminate every corner of the church. For each round of the tournament, a suitable light show was made on time code that could be started at exactly the right times. The biggest challenge was finding the perfect balance between audio in the church for the visitor and audio on the live stream for the spectator at home. All this in combination with enthusiastic visitors and battle-ready players made Red Bull SoloQ 2023 an edition to remember!


Technique during Red Bull SoloQ event


Aunt Cobi Productions


Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam


Multiple timecode shows

Martin Post
Martin Post
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