Shimano video production 2022

Curious about the complete technology for a live stream on location?

Shimano is a bicycle brand that cannot be missed in the cycling world! We have been able to provide the complete video production of the Launch of the products of 2022. The total video of one hour, edited by our own Video team, will be livestreamed all over the world. 

For this production we took care of the stage, the lighting, the audio & of course the cameras, one on a tripod, one on Dolly and one on our Camera Crane of 7,5 meters, all this including the complete operation of the equipment.

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Shimano Launch 2022




Amsterdam Studios, Studio 1


138 light fixtures, three Sony FX6 cameras, a camera crane and 10 blue heroes.

Raoul van 't Hul
Raoul van 't Hul
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