Rock 'n Roll Emnes

We were asked to provide light and sound for the Rock 'n Roll weekend in Eemnes. For example, we were able to assist several bands during this festive weekend

Every year the party committee Eemnes organizes a theme weekend for the village. This year it was Rock 'n Roll. During this weekend, visitors could enjoy various activities. A large aluminum hall was placed on the Wakkerendijk event site with a beautiful stage on which various artists came to perform.  

We have been asked to provide the technology in a complete Rock 'n Roll style. We designed a stage in style for the 3-day party weekend where our Portman lamps were used as a retro Rock 'n Roll effect. In addition to the appropriate lighting, we were also able to assist the various bands that came to perform during this party.

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3-day Rock N Roll weekend with technology.


Party Committee Eemnes


Event area Wakkerendijk, Eemnes


Portman lamps for the ultimate Rock 'n Roll feeling.

Martin Post
Martin Post
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