Red Bull Flick 2022

A hybrid event where the event could be followed both online and on location.

For the Red Bull Flick CS:GO 2022 tournament we were allowed to provide their hybrid Dutch final with light and sound. On this day, several pairs competed in the special Red Bull arenas to become Dutch champion Red Bull Flick together. These champions also go to Copenhagen for the world finals.

For this event we installed several kinetic tube lights. These tube lights hang from tackles and could move up and down with the thrill of the game. In addition, we have used various ADJ moving heads, Portman P2 hexalines and wallwashers. This created a unique game experience.

Sound has been split up through Dante for hall sound and sound for the live streams. This way people could also enjoy the Red Bull Flick Tournament from a distance.


Light and sound during the Red Bull Flick tournament


Aunt Cobic


The Patronage, Zaandam


16 Kinetic tube lights, 16 Wallwashers, sound on location and livestream

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