FHM500 Awards

Would you like to know how we can provide your (Award) Show with Audiovisual care?

The FHM 500 Awards are held annually. In this, the list is announced with the 500 most beautiful women in the Netherlands. 

As in previous years, we were responsible for taking care of the technical part during this award ceremony. The location was at IJver Amsterdam on the NDSM site. Here we have placed a Truss Carré full of lighting together with the finished stage and the audio in the room.

Our starting point? Nice Light, good Sound, Sharp Image & Toffee SpecialFX!


FHM500 Awards




Zeal, Amsterdam


16 Sunnstrips, 3 blue heroes & lots of SpecialFX

Raoul van 't Hul
Raoul van 't Hul
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