Prelum care congress

We were allowed to provide the sound and live stream for the Prelum care conference. This made it possible for healthcare personnel in the Netherlands to follow this conference.

Prepare for a fresh look at the National Pharmacotherapy Congress in Psychiatry! Always at the forefront of continuing education for our medical staff, Prelum wanted to expand their sphere of influence by streaming their engaging conferences online. That's where we, Luxonos, come in!

We are Prelum's technology partner. We make the conferences accessible to a wider audience. How we do that? Through the magic of live streaming, of course!

During the National Congress of Pharmacotherapy in Psychiatry, we had the pleasure of capturing the event with two Sony FX6 cameras. Thanks to the 4K technology of these cameras, those who stayed at home could follow the congress in razor-sharp image quality, as if they were in the room themselves!

But that is not everything. Our live stream provided interaction between the online participants and the speakers, allowing questions to be asked and answered live via chat. In this way we have added a new dimension to the conference and a unique opportunity for all medical professionals in the Netherlands to stay up-to-date.


Providing a live stream during a hybrid conference




Theater & Congress Center De Flint NV, Amersfoort


Two manned FX6 cameras provide a razor-sharp viewing experience!

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Martin Post
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