PANN Festival (Pride 2023)

Audiovisual services Pann festival during Pride Utrecht 2023

PANN Festival – Proud of technology during the Utrecht Pride!

At Luxonos, we specialize in bringing events to life with the best technology, and the PANN Festival was no exception. During this special street party in Utrecht, which is part of the Pride celebrations, we were responsible for supplying and installing all the necessary technical elements for the stage.

Our 6×4 ARC roof stood proudly, while a powerful L-Acoustics Audio system ensured that the music could be heard in every corner of the street. We also provided lighting and technical support to ensure the event ran smoothly and successfully.

Our involvement enabled the PANN Festival to be a vibrant and memorable celebration of Pride. We are proud to have contributed to this important event and look forward to supporting more Pride events in the future.


Supply and installation of 6x4 Arc roof, L-Acoustics Audio system, lighting, and technical support.


PANN Festival


Utrecht, the Netherlands


6x4 ARC roof, L-Acoustics Audio system

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