Jubilee celebration Mokveld Valves

We were able to provide the technology for the jubilee celebration of Mokveld Valves. We have placed more than 200 lamps throughout the building.

Mokveld Valves BV exists 100 years. That's why they've tackled Christmas big for all their employees. We were commissioned by Advance business events to provide the technology for this anniversary celebration. This consisted of light, sound, image, special effects, pipe & drape, stage and power distribution.

To be able to realize such a project, we visited the location beforehand together with Vincent van Advance to discuss the possibilities and requirements. We then make a plan according to the wishes of the customer and the client. In this way, every event becomes a unique experience, adapted to the wishes of the customer.

To achieve this, twelve blue heroes have helped in various ways with this project. To have everything ready on time, we set up, connected and tested everything a day in advance. So that we could run immediately during the event.

The party was one to remember.


Providing the technology for an anniversary Christmas party


Advance Business events


Mokveld Valves BV, Gouda


about 200 lights throughout the building.

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