MSMW Africa

For MSWW Africa we were allowed to help with the technical care of their beauty pageant in Amsterdam. Dry ice provided an extra wow effect.

For Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa we were able to provide the technology for the beauty pageant in the World Fashion Center.

We built a stage with a catwalk for the models in the hall. A camera zoomed in on the models, which were then shown on the two large screens to the left and right of the stage. The lighting plan did not only consist of illuminating the catwalk. There were various musical performances between the shows.

During the final run of the pageant, we surprised the audience with a special effect: low-hanging smoke from dry ice; which passed over the stage like low-hanging fog.


Technique care during Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa


Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa


World Fashion Center, Amsterdam


Dry ice effect

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