Comedy series launch: LOL

For the launch of the new comedy series LOL, we were allowed to help make the launch interactive with remote-controlled table lamps.

We find creative projects that other companies don't start on a challenge!

Imagine; you enter the theater and there is a table lamp on your table. You will notice that it not only gives warm white light, but also a color. In addition to the fact that the lights went completely along with the show lighting, your light also dimmed every time you had to laugh.

The visitors of Boom Chicago visited the launch of the new comedy series LOL: Last One Laughing Netherlands (2023‑). In the program, ten comedians are locked in a house for six hours. This sounds funny right away, but the comedians are not allowed to laugh. To experience this, the table lamps next to the visitors were used to indicate who had laughed or not. With the first laugh the lights were dimmed, with the second laugh the light went out.

To do this we used the Astera NYX Light bulbs. These bulbs come for rent with us with 8 pieces in a box with the usual accessories and can be controlled remotely using the Astera app or a light table. For the launch of LOL we used 20 tablets. Each referee had a tablet to which one row of people, 10 table lamps were connected. For example, with a smile, the light was immediately dimmed or turned off.

Fortunately, our technicians were allowed to laugh and had a very nice evening!  


Individually remote-controlled table lamps


Boom Chicago (for Amazon Prime)


Tree Chicago, Amsterdam


200 table lamps controllable by 20 ipads

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