Koppert Cress Opening greenhouse

In 2019, Koppert Cress opened a new greenhouse. She wanted to celebrate this with good food, a big show and an auction for charity. We were allowed to fully provide this event with technology and decoration.

Koppert Cress has officially opened its new greenhouse, and we were allowed to be there. This opening was celebrated over 4 days.

For this event we were allowed to convert the greenhouse into a luxury restaurant and a fully-fledged event location. Upon entering, the theater room created with cloths was a luxurious dining area with round tables.
On the second day, the round tables were replaced by a folding grandstand where the audience could watch a beautiful show. Lots were auctioned during the evening to raise money for Stichting Muziekids and Stichting De Zaaier. A nice amount was raised for these charities.
During the third day there was a drumming spectacle with authentic drums and rhythms in the theatre.
The last day was all about family and the neighbourhood. Families of Koppert Cress employees were welcome and neighbors were also invited to witness the opening of the greenhouse.

A great multi-day event, which makes us happy. Can we work out a nice plan for you soon?


Turning the greenhouse into a fully-fledged event location


Koppert Cress


Monster, Netherlands


Pop-up theater for multi-day event

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