Anniversary event Terberg

An anniversary party for 'Terberg Totaal Instalaties' where noise levels were taken into account so that the neighborhood would not experience any noise nuisance.

Commissioned by Advance Buisness Events, we were able to provide complete installations with technology for Terberg's 75th anniversary party. During the jubilee party, all employees and their guests were present who enjoyed good music with, among others, DamesDraaienDoor, Tino Martin and Frans Duijts. As the customer says: “An event for the books”.

To cause as little noise nuisance as possible for the local residents, we measured and installed an AED AUDIO system with a cardioid sub setup and the tops in ARC setup.

In addition to the party in the tent, there was a bar with a lounge outside. To get the party going well here too, we have placed various screens outside. Our video heroes ensured that the experience could be followed indoors and outdoors as well.


Technical care of 75th anniversary event.


Advance Business events


Terberg Total Installations, Rotterdam


AED AUDIO sound system measured to cause as little noise nuisance as possible

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Martin Post
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