Hackathon racing

A business hybrid event where presentations on location and online were easy to follow.

For a business partner, we provided their hackathon race with technology to make it a hybrid event. A hackathon is an event in which teams of participants work non-stop to come up with solutions for cases presented within a short period of time.

We have decorated the Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam by placing a podium in the nave. Several moving heads and Portman lamps were placed on this stage.
We highlighted the pillars with our ADJ HEX32 Wallwashers to create a nice ambilight effect. 

At the location, devised solutions were presented to the physically and online viewers, where they could express their opinion via our online tool. With the help of four screens on the sides of the room and a large projection screen, all visitors were able to follow the presentations well. The livestream was captured using three of our FX6 cameras, with the broadcast being shown through a custom livestream page developed by us.

It was a successful event for all parties involved.


Technical care of hybrid corporate event.


Specialist in Law & Tax in Europe


South Church, Amsterdam


Complete hybrid meeting on own livestream platform

Martin Post
Martin Post
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