Canal concert Vathorst 2023

Canal concert, light and sound, stage on the water, complete unburdening.
A unique location was chosen for the Canal Concert Vathorst 2023 – a stage in the middle of the water. Luxonos was brought in to bring this floating dream to life.
We supplied the pontoons on which the stage was built and provided this stage with a roof to protect it from the elements. We also provided the complete light and sound installation, so that every note and every word would reach the audience, whether they were watching from the quay or from their own boat.

The festival offered a whole day of entertainment with various local acts and artists. The highlight was undoubtedly the closing by Bastiaan Ragas, who entertained the audience with his charismatic performance.
In addition to the music, various activities were organized on the quay, which created a dynamic and cozy atmosphere.

Pontoons, Podium with roof, Light & Sound care


Organization Canal Concert Vathorst 2023




Floating stage

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