Gay Pride – Canal Pride

We have equipped 26 boats with technology.

We have had various partnerships with boat rental companies for some time to provide technology on their boats. During the Canal Pride in Amsterdam and Utrecht we can provide several boats with light, sound and specialFX every year. Together with the client, we try to make something unique every time.

During the Canal pride in Amsterdam we were allowed to decorate 26 boats with technology. Because some bridges were very low, we had to consider the height of our equipment. For example, we have hung four 65” TV screens on a lift so that we can adjust them in height. We have also been able to provide every boat with a sound system. Some boats were upgraded with CO2 guns and jets, dry ice or bubble machines

All in all, another fun water job. On to next year!


26 boats equipped with technology


Gay Pride Boat Rentals BV


Amsterdam, Utrecht


300 speakers, 60 CDJs, 40 technicians

Martin Post
Martin Post
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