FightTime Kickboxing Gala

For fight

Hailed as a successful and immersive sporting event, the FightTime kickboxing gala was filled with adrenaline-pumping kickboxing matches that kept spectators on the edge of their seats. See customer feedback here

Luxonos had the honor of being responsible for the lighting, sound, truss and stage technology. Using strategically suspended truss with lux lights, we made sure every corner of the ring was in sharp focus, amplifying the intensity of every fight.

Our linearray speakers were carefully oriented so that speakers and judges were clearly audible to the audience around the ring. This allowed spectators to fully enjoy and follow the action in the ring.


Equipped with boxing gala with light and sound


RHJC Promotions


De Schelft, Bari Gym, Noordwijkerhout


Mood lighting for the hall, Ring lighting with luxibels and fredsnellen

Tom Verkaik
Tom Verkaik
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