Festifort summer festival

Curious about what cool festival designs we can make for you?

For Festivoort we have been providing the technology for the summer festival in Amersfoort for many years. This festival is organized by a club of enthusiastic Amersfoort boys who also run a company in providing side personnel for other festival organizers. 

The festival site has 3 different stages: the main, the SuperZwoel stage and On9kend techno stage where different designs are made every year for the different stages.  

During two days, various artists will perform on the various stages. For example, there is always a Q-Music party on Friday evening and friend of the festival La Fuente has been on the mainstage for years as a closing event on Saturday evening. 


Festival with 3 stages


Festivoort BV


Festival site, Amersfoort


3 stages, 2 days, 12 blue heroes, 20 DJs

Martin Post
Martin Post
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