Festival 2023

Technical support Festifest 2023

Festifest took place in the incomparable backdrop of the NDSM wharf in Amsterdam, a two-day music festival for which Luxonos provided the full technical content. With no less than three areas, fully equipped with lighting, and a Layher construction designed and executed by our team, this festival got the spectacular ambiance it deserved.

In addition, the decoration, devised by our creative minds, played a crucial role in bringing the festival site to life. The use of 35 stroboscopes has taken the festival experience to a higher level. What's more, our IP65 luminaires ensured that the revelry continued undisturbed, whatever the weather.


Technical realization of Festifest, with special attention to lighting design and Layher construction.




NDSM wharf, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Complete lighting design for three festival areas, Layher construction, 35 strobes, all luminaires with IP65 rating for weather resistance

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