Fresh+ at Koppert Cress

Would you also like to organize an unforgettable dinner for your contacts? We are happy to help you!

We have already provided several editions of the Vers+ dinner for Koppert Cress. Koppert Cress invites various customers (hotel and restaurant chains all over the world) to these dinners. During these dinners, our blue heroes provide the technology, which we combine with the food. For example, you have to think of certain colors that the tables should have that match the type of food. 

Rik – AV technician, about this assignment “Special experience where you get to know new countries and the type of food. We were allowed to provide the technology for the Vers+ dinner, where you heard on your headphones which dish you were served. Because everyone heard their own story about their headphones, we had the great challenge of letting the 100 different guests hear a different story at the same time. 


Technique during dinner show


Koppert Cress


Monster, Netherlands


100 guests, different dishes and unique surprising elements!

Martin Post
Martin Post
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