Koppert Live Stream

Curious about the complete technology for a live stream on location?
We were able to provide a nice livestream for Koppert Biological Systems, commissioned by Advance Events from Schiedam. We conceived this project completely from scratch together with the client. We have fully developed the idea for the livestream and stage development as a concept in various 2D and 3D sketches. 
The livestream marked the change of management whereby the new generation 'Koppert' will take over the company. Despite the fact that Koppert Biological Systems is an international company with thousands of employees, they radiate outwardly as a family business. During the livestream we set up the live connection to no less than 26 countries with thousands of viewers! 

Online board meeting


Advance Business Events




Stream to 26 countries, 10 blue heroes and thousands of live viewers.

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Martin Post
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