EPP: Nyenrode Graduation 2023

Technical support Graduation Nyenrode

Project: EPP – Event Production Partners | Nyenrode – Graduation 2023

General information: Together with Event Production Partners, we created an unforgettable atmosphere on the beautiful Nyenrode estate for two weekends for the Graduation party and the Alumni party. These special events took place in the majestic castle, with Event Production Partners fully committed to the decoration and catering.

Featured: Luxonos took care of the entire technical framework. This included highlighting the impressive building, providing the house technology for various bands and guaranteeing a seamless power supply. A special addition was the atmospheric lighting through an abundance of battery spotlights, spread across the entire site, which gave the evening an extra magical touch.


Technical implementation, Light show, Audio system and Power infrastructure


Event Production Partners


Nyenrode Castle, Nyenrode Estate


Building lighting, Home technology bands, Power supply, Battery spots on site

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