Company party for E-flux in G-star RAW head office
E-Flux celebrates big! To celebrate their move to the G-Star building, we at Luxonos were given the opportunity to take on the technical realization of their opening event.
The evening started with an inspiring presentation, with our huge LED screen of 5,50 x 3,00 meters serving as a backdrop, significantly enhancing the impact of the presentation. Our high-quality lighting provided the perfect atmosphere, while the stage and the L-Acoustics sound system supplied by us enhance the presentation.

After the presentation, the party started with a cover band and DJ, who kept the audience on the dance floor. Our sound system provided a rich, clear sound, allowing every song to reach the crowd and take the party atmosphere to the next level.
At Luxonos, we are honored to work on events that mark a meaningful milestone for our clients. This project for E-Flux is a perfect example of this.

Lighting, Stage, L-Acoustics Sound System, LED Screen


E flux


Headquarters G-star RAW


LED Screen of 5,50 x 3,00 meters

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