DSG – Staff anniversary party

A large staff party because of a 95+1 anniversary of DSG, which arose from a chain reaction of 85 branches.

In Utrecht in the Werkspoorkathedraal we were able to provide a beautiful staff party on behalf of Advance Events. This concerns one staff party of the DSG group that exists 95+1 years. This party arose from a chain reaction from 85 branches, with the party being the icing on the cake.

We were able to set up two stages at this staff party. A small stage for team building and the opening of the party and of course the large stage where various bands and artists were allowed to perform. In total we were able to provide this project with 235 light fixtures, 3 trailers were needed to get everything to location, there were 52 speakers in the room and 30 blue heroes were involved!


Staff party for 85 DSG branches


Advance Events


Werkspoor Cathedral, Utrecht


30 Blue Heroes, 52 AED Audio Speakers, Drop Cloth, 235 Light Fixtures

Martin Post
Martin Post
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