COD Launch Live Stream

CatWise studio commissioned us to live stream the launch of COD Black Ops. This was a 6 hour live stream that we recorded with 7 cameras.

During the corona period, many events were held online. We already had experience with live streaming before corona. However, live streaming only now became known to the general public. This gave new opportunities and possibilities to approach events in a new creative way.

For example, during this period we were allowed to provide the complete livestream registration for the launch of the game: Call of Duty – Black Ops. Commissioned by Studio Catwise, we were allowed to stream the six-hour stream to YouTube for 3000 viewers.

Daniel Lippens, Rico Verhoeven, Lil Kleine, Joost Bouhof, Enzo Knol and many others were present in our studio to review and play the new game.

In the Sugar Factory we built a complete custom decor in the theme of the Black Ops game. The live stream was imaged using our multi-camera system where it could be switched and operated with one camera operator to keep the number of people in the studio as low as possible.


Launch Livestream COD Black ops


Studio Catwise BV


Sugar City events, Halfway


7 cameras and full direction for a 6-hour live stream

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