BAUHAUS drive-in cinema

Interested in a cinema at your location? Look what we have done at Bauhaus!

For Bauhaus Netherlands we were able to provide a drive-in cinema at 3 locations at the same time. At the same time we sent out 3 separate teams, each with a 12,0 x 6,0 mtr cinema screen and 18 ansilumen strong beamer. 

For all Bauhaus customers it was possible to watch a movie for FREE in the times of Corona. the company tried to give their customers a nice evening in times when, unfortunately, little was possible due to the lockdown. 

As a technical partner, we have provided the right technical facilities and the further associated project supervision in the form of parking attendants and catering. 


Drive-in Cinema in 3 locations


Bauhaus Netherlands


Venlo, Groningen, Maastricht


Cinema screen of 12 x6 mtr!

Martin Post
Martin Post
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