ASML – Proud

For ASML we have been able to provide their Proud event employees with light, sound, specialFX and video.

In the NH Hotel in Eindhoven, we received the trust from Advance Events for the technical care of the PROUD party. We have equipped various rooms with light, sound, special effects and video for 4000 ASML employees. The party was spread over five rooms, each with its own lighting plan, audio set and video configuration.

We were allowed to provide the main hall with a stage of 10x8m. Behind this stage we have hung a LED screen of 6x3 meters. We have decorated this room by using a combination of different lamps. In addition, we have installed an illuminated dance floor of 100m2 in this room. The special effects with cold fireworks fountains, smoke machines and CO2 jets were the Finishing Touch for this room.

The other rooms all had their own plan and idea. We have equipped the lady's area with two LED screens of 2x4m. At the club we were allowed to install an illuminated dance floor of 64 m2 and a Truss Carré with mirror balls in various sizes. We have equipped the Silent Disco with black lights.

In this way, each room had its own style and atmosphere. Visitors could easily switch between the different rooms.


Technical care during ASML employee party


Advance Business events


NH Hotel Eindhoven


Different rooms, each with its own lighting plan, audio set and video configuration.

Raoul van 't Hul
Raoul van 't Hul
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