ARJO Hybrid personnel conference

Commissioned by Effectivents, we were asked to provide ARJO with the technical support for their hybrid personnel conference. One of the speakers did this via a Zoom meeting.

Arjo considers it important to involve employees in the company's plans for the future. They also want to offer their employees courses so that they can better deal with themselves and the people around them. That is why they asked Effectivents to organize an employee conference for them.

Because it was known that the CEO could not be physically present, the customer needed a Zoom live stream, where the speaker could get an idea of ​​what was going on in the room and the guests could follow the speaker well. In addition to providing light and sound in the hall, we were also allowed to provide the zoom live stream. 


Live stream and technical support during Arjo staff conference




Contact der Kontinenten, Soesterberg


Audio care for event and live stream

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